This room — this innovation not only for Moscovskaya gorka, but for the entire hotel industry in Yekaterinburg. It is equipped with LED lights that form a soft, smooth glow, without causing eye fatigue and absolutely safe to view at the lack of «flicker». Review guests for breakfast, lunch and dinner at this light is very nice.

A distinctive feature of the hall is the presence of cooktops, maintain a constant temperature: breakfast chef can cook pancakes or fried right in front of guests!

High level of service guarantees supertehnologichnogo Swedish line and quality porcelain ( in similar dishes are served in the bar Mango and restaurant Maison).

Hall for 40 persons. Carried him not only traditional breakfasts, but lunches and various corporate events .

Breakfast is served on the following schedule:

Monday to Friday: 6.45 — 10.00

Sat: 6.45 — 11.00

Sun: 8.00 — 11.00

In the period from 12.00 to 00.00 hall functions as a cafe-restaurant and serves the main menu and business lunch.

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